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How to Determine Calories

How to Determine Calories  So a common question that I get all the time is how to calculate the amount of calories I need to be eating each day in order to lose weight.  I also get the question how to determine how many calories to eat when you then add in exercise and the calories burned during the workout.  Do you add those calories back into your day? When I started my health and fitness journey I did not use any type of calorie calculator or tracker.  I simply read the book,  Eat Clean Recharged, By Tosca Reno  and followed the principles of clean eating.  I did not track calories instead I followed her rules for proper portion sizes and the specific pairing of foods together.  I can honestly say that following that method brought me the greatest amount of success.  I am in no way a numbers girl.  I truly think that God left that part out of my brain.  The minute you tell me to sub total, add or calculate anything I immediately shut down and if I have to do it then most likely

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